Do you have a legal, tax-related legal or just a fiscal question? What are the legal, tax-related legal and fiscal consequences of a particular structure?

Our firm can help you with all of these questions: we offer nearly all the relevant legal, tax-related legal and fiscal specialities through our attorneys-at-law, tax lawyers and tax attorneys, who are both attorneys and tax lawyers. Vink & Partners Legal and Tax therefore provides a broad range of legal and fiscal services and has years of experience in consulting and litigating for (international) businesses and private persons in legal, tax-related legal and fiscal matters.

Thanks to this unique team, we are better able to get to the bottom of your financial cases than a regular law firm. The combined professional of attorney-at-law & tax lawyer also entails that our firm can help you with cases that have a legal as well as a tax-related character. We also do criminal tax law, including FIOD cases (Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service). Given the number of tax attorneys working for our office, we were already exceptionally well suited for handling such cases, buth now that a seasoned criminal defence attorney has joined our ranks, we are even better able to handle the criminal-law aspects of such cases.